"From a perspective few others in the world could relate to,
Ms. Goldwater opens our eyes to the Golden Age of hip hop
music, as it grew from a localized sub-culture to a worldwide
lifestyle and pop phenomenon. Her writing revisits her wide-
eyed enthusiasm as she launched her improbable magazine
publishing career, dedicating herself to a genre that was still
unfamiliar to mainstream America and a wide array of artists
who were just beginning what would become legendary careers."

"Ms. Goldwater relays her dealings with these fledgling
superstars in a personal, casual and exuberant manner that is
both informative and enlightening. When many at the time saw
these young entertainers merely as fodder for exploitation, Ms.
Goldwater, through her magazine, looked past that, and helped
solidify their careers, and as a result, the legacy of hip hop
music in American music history. Her story is interesting and
fun, and remains a vital part of documenting hip hop’s life story."
                   -- Manny Faces, founder/EIC, Birthplace Magazine

“We at Movie Reviews & More give SuperFly: My Untold Story
of Hip Hop, The 4’E’S.  It’s an Exciting, Entertaining, Emotional
and Enthusiastic book to read.”
                   -Brian Sebastian, Publisher, Movie Reviews & More
“Her story is amazing, her love for Hip-Hop is inspiring and her
dedication to her family led her to make one of the hardest
business decisions she had ever had to make…shuttering the doors
of Superfly Magazine. She has penned a non-fiction book called
“Superfly, My Untold Story of Hip Hop” and gives the readers an
inside look at the Hip-Hop community from a unique and brilliant
                       -Jerry Doby, Editor In Chief, The Hype Magazine

“Gloria’s book, SuperFly: My Untold Story of Hip Hop is an
inspiring memoir that follows her career as creator and managing
editor of SuperFly Magazine, a magazine featuring rap and hip hop
artists.  But Goldwater’s book follows her life story; from
childhood to present day.  Goldwater writes about her marriage
to John Goldwater and about her participation in the Anti-
Defamation League.”
                       -Deanna Proach, Journalist, Hollywood Times

“SuperFly, My Untold Story of Hip Hop reveals the stories of hip
hop and hip hop artists who were making the world pay close
attention to their music and their movement.  Gloria F. Goldwater
and SuperFly Magazine were there and now, those stories are
being told.  SuperFly, My Untold Story of Hip Hop also features
pictures of some of the original SuperFly Magazines and rare
photos of hip hop artists in the early days of their careers.”
                       -Darryl James, Publisher, Rap Sheet Magazine