SuperFly - My Untold Story of Hip-Hop is about Gloria Goldwater, her
love for R&B and the burgeoning sound of rap and hip-hop in the mid-eighties that
led her to start and successfully publish Superfly magazine in 1991. Because there
were only a few, small publications that featured hip-hop at the time, Gloria had
the idea of starting a magazine devoted to this music. It tells of her marriage to
John Goldwater, the creator of the Archie Comics empire who launched her into
New York's high society. Then without having any real publishing support or
personal experience herself, she put together a team of like-minded young people
who along with Gloria succeeded in getting interviews for her magazine from
various artists many of whom went on to become major stars.

This 294 page book chronologues Gloria's rise to success, and the heartbreaking
situation that led her to shut down the magazine at the height of its popularity.

Rare anecdotes of situations she encountered working in an industry where she
totally did not seem to fit, give readers candid accounts about the industry and its
relationship with the artists.

SuperFly - My Untold Story of Hip-Hop contains dozens of color and black and
white photographs throughout the book and in a separate gallery containing photos
taken at private social events attended by the celebrities and other one-of-a-kind
artist pictures that were never before published.

A concise, reference level Appendix entitled "The History of Hip-Hop" describes
the major influences that resulted in the genre's creation, and tells the story of
how hip-hop and rap became mainstream.

The book includes FREE downloadable bonus material providing digitized copies of
original print
SuperFly magazines including the premier issue, an original video
from Gloria's cable television show
Crashing New York and never before released
textual and audio interviews featuring Tupac, Tony!, Toni!, Tone!, N.W.A., Flavor
Flav and other artists.
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